Terms of Service

1st | How to Contact me

If you need to contact me, there are several ways to get me quicker or slower.

The quickest way is via Email (

2nd | Quality of service

Up time and availability of service aren't guaranteed.
I try to keep things running as best as I can, but things happen.

3rd | Privacy

This site saves no additional data, as is needed for web request logging.

Web request logging includes:
  • Connecting, public IP address
  • User agent, sent with HTTP request
  • Type of request (GET, POST) and requested URI
  • Date and time of request

4th | Enforcement

All parts of this terms of service are valid and binding, unless they are found against German law or law of the European Union. At that time, you can ignore that part. That one part is invalid, doesn't invalidate the rest of this agreement.

5th | General Data Protection Regulation

This website doesn't store any data, except of what is in 3rd and the privacy policy.

Every user, in Europe or outside of Europe, has the right to see and/or request deletion of user stored data. Please let me know via a contact method in 1st.

In the case of me noticing a breach, I'm going to contact you as soon as I find out. Provided I have contact information.

6th | Compliance with COPPA

No one under the age of 13 is allowed to use this website or any of my services.

7th | Changes

Changes to this agreement and Privacy Policies can be made at any point in time and without further notice.

These conditions and the privacy policy were last updated: 2019-04-10