Commission Conditions

1st | Age restriction

You must be 18 years or older to commission me.

2nd | Accepted currencies

All prices are in Euro (EUR/€) and no other currency is accepted.

3rd | Payment methods

Payment is only conducted via invoices (PayPal, Stripe or Payoneer) and requires a working email address.

No other forms of payment will be accepted.

4th | Pricing

As animations can have a wide range of complexity, their pricing is more dynamic. This means that those prices listed are base prices.

Idle animations are very short (less than 20 frames/3 seconds) that loop. These are usually idle animations of a character, but may be anything, that qualifies as a short loop.

Regular animations are supposed to tell a bit of a story and are longer. The more elements you want, the more expensive it gets.
Character extra charges will also increase with complexity. So keep that in mind.
The best thing, is to contact me, over any of my galleries, and pitch your idea. I will give you an exact quote and we can work out a proper price.

The listed price is for an animation of about 30 seconds, which is, roughly, the length of the example given.

5th | Work process

Slots may be reserved for up to two weeks. After no further communication, past that point, slots are considered open again.

Once payment is done, per individial agreement, a slot is secured and it will be added at the end of my queue.

Said queue will be worked on, mostly, in chronological order, from oldest to newest. Exceptions are made at my own leisure, but kept rare.

YCHs will, usually, have end results as shown, but clients may request (some) changes at the end.

With regular, animated, commissions, clients get a character design, so that they may request changes up front, then may also request some changes once the animation is done.

All work will be delivered in digital form. There are no physical goods that will be shipped.
Clients receive their art in PNG (still) or GIF (animated) format.

6th | Visual References

Visual (drawn) references are absolutely required.

Reference sheets are preferred, but are not always required.

If no reference sheet is available, at least one drawn reference is required. I recommend to provie 2-4 references.

7th | Refund Policy

If, at any point, I see I can't complete your commission, I will contact you to resolve the issue.

In the case, I can't find a solution, you will receive a refund, based on work done/kept, up to a full refund.

8th | Reserved Rights

I reserve the right to refuse commissions or not to work with people, out of personal reasons.

Furthermore, while rare, I reserve the right to halt commissions and, partially or fully, refund, without further notice.

9th | Usage Rights

All art is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0, this means that clients can share and adapt, but need to credit me, as well as disallowing any commercial use.

Special licences, for commercial use, can be negotiated. They are not granted by default.

Commercial use includes minting, or any other form of actual or potential monetization.

You may also never use my art for NFTs or with any other blockchain related technology.

Not complying with these usage rights will result in voiding any license agreement and refusal of any future work.

10th | Binding

These terms may be overwritten by those terms and conditions, attached to a client's specific invoice

The terms and conditions, attached to a client's invoice, are always the most up to date version of the terms and conditions presented here, at the time of its creation.

11th | Changes

Changes to these conditions may be made at any point in time and without further notice.

These conditions were last updated: 2022-10-24